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Working From Home Pain-Free

Does this work from home position look familiar? We know that with this unexpected working from home, new neck pains and back pains are GOING to happen. Let us help take away that soreness and teach you the correct posture and work set up at home so that you can get and stay pain-free. We […]

Telehealth Now Available to Continue Your Care

To Our Valued Patients, In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Jackson Clinics aims to continue to provide physical therapy (PT) services to all of our patients as we realize the importance of continued rehab. We continue to take all precautions and follow CDC guidelines to keep our locations as safe as possible for […]

Coronavirus Important Message

Dear Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy Patient, As a valued patient of The Jackson Clinics, we appreciate the trust you place in us and our teams to provide you the best care possible.  In the current environment, it is important for all of us to take the necessary precautions to ensure our health. We want to […]

Runners Take Note

If you have foot pain and have not sustained an injury then your foot is “out of control!” Meaning, you have too much motion, more than your foot was designed to handle. The tissues are screaming for help. I’ve heard runners say, “my problem is that I pronate.” Let’s be clear, pronation of the foot […]

Yoga for a Healthy Back

Why Yoga? Builds core strength – Improves flexibility – Minimizes pressure on joints, including the spine – Increases mindfulness and body awareness – Improves balance and stability YOGA FOR LOW BACK PAIN Make 2020 the year to Invest in sculpting the Healthiest YOU yet! This 2x/week for 6 weeks class series is designed as a […]

The Jackson Clinics to be the Official Physical Therapy Provider at the AEW TV debut!

The Jackson Clinics Will Play Key Role at AEW’s Washington DC Event Fairfax, VA. (October 1, 2019) – Virginia and Maryland-based Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy is providing athletic services and physical therapy for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) at their AEW-Wednesday Night Dynamite television debut. The show will broadcast live from the Capital One Arena on […]

Fight Menstrual Problems with Diet and Exercise

There seems to be a great deal of talk nowadays about menstrual dysfunctions experienced by young women. Could the media-driven quest for the perfect body have caused a problem among women in this age group? Concern over their body image leads many young women to limit their food intake obsessively, preventing them from getting the […]

Using Exercise to Reduce Arthritic Knee Pain

With arthritis, knee joints can be painful and may frequently ache. Fortunately, exercise can help you to relieve pain and improve your mobility. While moving a stiff joint may sound counterproductive, health professionals agree that movement can help to reduce arthritic knee pain. If you suffer from arthritis pain in the knees, exercise can alleviate […]

Fitting Exercise Into Your Daily Schedule

Research has consistently shown that exercise produces a number of benefits, ranging from improved mood to better strength and cardiovascular health. However, what time of day is the best for exercising? Some people find that a morning workout fits into their schedule and keeps them energized for the rest of the day. Others prefer working […]

Gardening After a Colles Fracture

Perhaps you fell on the ice in January and suffered a Colles fracture, then wore a cast for two months. Can you resume gardening this spring, and should you protect your wrist if you do? A Colles fracture is the most common of several conditions that might be called a “broken wrist.” Named for Irish […]