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When Your Arm Pain Is a Pain in the Neck

Do you experience pain when you raise your arm, but the pain decreases when the arm is raised above your head? Many times, the initial discomfort results from nerves in the neck being pinched because the shoulder blade is not positioned correctly. Raising your arm above your head takes the stretch off the nerve and […]

Returning to the Tennis Court After a Lazy Winter

As winter fades away and the weather turns warmer, many of us jump right back into our favorite outdoor sports without any preparation, setting ourselves up for injury and frustration. Tennis is a physically demanding sport, so it is a great idea to ease into the new season with a sensible, sport-specific fitness plan. Tennis […]

Continuing Pain After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Even after undergoing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, some patients are still bothered by occasional tingling and numbness in the affected hand . Carpal tunnel syndrome involves the median nerve, which runs down the forearm, through the wrist and into the hand where it provides feeling and power to the palm, thumb and middle fingers. […]

Why Does My Right Elbow Hurt When I Lift Things?

Even if you do not play a racquet sport, you might have lateral epicondylitis, or “tennis elbow.” This is the common term for the painful irritation or degeneration of the tendons that connect the elbow muscle, known as the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB), to the bony bump on the outer part of the elbow […]

Keep the Tingle Out of Your Arm

One of the main nerves in the arm, the ulnar nerve runs from the neck to the hand. At various points along this path, the nerve can become irritated or compressed, causing tingling in the elbow, wrist, hand or fingers. If you experience tingling in your pinky and ring finger or weakness in your hand […]

Heal a Humerus Fracture Without Surgery

Fracturing the bone of your upper arm—medically known as a humerus fracture—can be a painful and frightening experience, especially because the most common cause of this type of fracture is a bad fall. It may seem like a severe enough break to require surgery, but, in reality, most humerus fractures can be treated by nonsurgical […]

Physical Therapy for a Pinched Nerve

Imagine holding a straw in your hand and squeezing the middle as you sip a beverage. You will notice that not much liquid is able to pass through the straw and reach your mouth. Essentially, this is what happens when you have a “pinched” nerve. A pinched nerve ensues when a nerve is compressed, and […]

Rearming After a Stroke

Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) treats people who have had a stroke or sustained injuries that lead to limitations in the mobility of one of their arms. The unaffected arm is constrained in a sling, forcing the use of the affected arm repetitively and intensively for two to three weeks. The American Stroke Association has said […]

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Without Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition that causes numbness or “pins and needles” in the fingers and wrist, typically results when the median nerve, running from the forearm through the narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bones (the carpal tunnel) into the palm of the hand, becomes squeezed at the wrist. The prevalence of computer […]

Recovery Solutions After Radial Head Resection

A common type of elbow injury in athletes, a radial head fracture tends to occur when a person falls on an outstretched hand. In this case, the radial head—located at the end of the bone— breaks in a way that makes realignment a challenge. If the radial head cannot successfully be rebuilt, your physician may […]