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When Your Arm Pain Is a Pain in the Neck

Do you experience pain when you raise your arm, but the pain decreases when the arm is raised above your head? Many times, the initial discomfort results from nerves in the neck being pinched because the shoulder blade is not positioned correctly. Raising your arm above your head takes the stretch off the nerve and […]

Pain in the Neck

It happens in an instant: you twist your neck while playing sports, falling or from being rear-ended in a car accident. You may have experienced acceleration flexion-extension neck injury—more commonly known as “ whiplash. “ Whiplash occurs when an abnormal force causes your neck to move beyond its normal range of motion. Depending on the […]

How Your Mattress Affects Back and Neck Pain

People who suffer from back and neck pain, particularly when it’s chronic, look to many sources to relieve their discomfort. One question that is frequently asked is whether the purchase of a special mattress will help to manage back and neck pain. Since a large amount of time is spent sleeping, a poor mattress can […]

When Backing Up the Car Becomes a Pain in the Neck

That pain you feel when turning your head while backing up your car is probably due to tightness in the muscles of your neck and upper back, often the result of years of poor posture. To improve your posture, keep your neck in a “neutral” position, with your chin more tucked in than pushed forward. […]

Why Does My Neck Hurt When I Wake Up in the Morning?

If you experience an achy neck upon awakening in the morning, your pillow habits could be to blame. You may be using pillows to “overstuff” the space between your neck and the mattress or be sleeping on an older, flattened pillow. Fluffy feather pillows are usually better than foam for providing proper support; replace them […]

Whiplash: Cruising Down the Road to Recovery

You have probably seen those commercials: a somber-looking accident attorney asks if you have been in a car accident, then starts droning on and on about the many physical problems that can result. Even the most minor fender bender, he tells you, can result in years of pain and suffering―usually due to a condition called […]

One Less Headache to Worry About

Jaw and head pain can be a real pain in the neck—literally. Did you know that many people suffering from both temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and headaches have postural issues with their cervical spine or neck? This is why we can be an important ally in combating persistent headaches and TMD-related facial pain. According to […]

Managing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a condition in which the nerves or blood vessels that travel to the arm and hand are compressed between soft tissues near the side of the neck. Most people are able to manage their thoracic outlet syndrome symptoms through physical therapy. Specialized exercises can improve muscle balance and posture to lessen […]

Minor Accident, Major Pain

Fender benders with your car typically cause more annoyance than trauma. After exchanging insurance information, assessing the damage to your car and silently cursing the other driver for texting instead of watching the road, you will probably just go on with your day. But several hours later, you feel a deep ache in your neck, […]

A “Multifaceted” Approach to Back Pain

Do you feel as though you need to turn your entire body to look to one side? Do you wake up with pain in the base of your head and upper back, pain that only gets worse after long car rides or working at a desk all day? Is there an unexplained ringing in your […]