Runners Take Note

Runners foot pain caused by too much pronation.

If you have foot pain and have not sustained an injury then your foot is “out of control!” Meaning, you have too much motion, more than your foot was designed

Runners foot pain caused by too much pronation.

Runners foot pain caused by too much pronation.

to handle. The tissues are screaming for help.

I’ve heard runners say, “my problem is that I pronate.” Let’s be clear, pronation of the foot is not a bad thing. It is normal and necessary for shock absorption. Too much pronation usually leads to foot pain. The tissues on the bottom of the foot become stretched and painful, technically called plantar fasciitis. Too much motion can also cause calluses, bunions, neuromas, and host of other issues. Oh, my aching feet!!

THE SOLUTION: Your foot needs more control, either with exercise, an insole, a custom orthotic, tape, or heel cup, depending on the CAUSE of the excessive movement.

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