Strength Training & Functional Fitness Program

Physical Therapy is an integral part of injury prevention, rehabilitation, and overall health and wellness in strength training & functional fitness. Physical Therapists can help athletes reduce pain, improve strength, mobility, and flexibility.

The Jackson Clinics – Physical Therapy provides individualized evaluation and treatment for strength training athletes that have pain/movement dysfunction for the foundational movements:

  • The squat
  • Front squat
  • Overhead squat
  • Shoulder press
  • Push press
  • Push jerk
  • Deadlift/upright row combinations
  • The clean


If an injury has prevented you from pursuing a fitness program in the past, we can help you devise a plan to avoid additional injuries in the future.

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* Screening are not applicable to patients in federal or state funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid
* Screenings are consultations and do not involve a physical therapy evaluation or treatment.

Dan Alcorn, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS (Skyline), and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Strength training & functional fitness program leader and member of CrossFit Adaptation (CFA)


September (Kettlebell to toes)
August (Kettlebell rollover)
July (Midline Stabilization)
June (Long Sitting Shoulder Warm up)
May (Dynamic Shoulder Warm up series)

November (Stretching the Shoulder & Chest)
 (Serratus Roll Out)
August (Single Lag Resisted Shoulder Flexion)
July (Improving Overhead Position)
May (Side plank with horizontal abduction)
April (Midline Stability and Shoulder Activation)
March (Breathing and Mobility)
February (Golfers Elbow)
January (Soft Tissue Mobility)

November (Shoulder Seminar Exercises)
October (Ankle Mechanics to Avoid Injury)
September (Spinal Mechanics to Avoid Injury)
August (Shoulder Exercises to Avoid Injury)
July (Squatting, A way of life)
June (Get out of your chair and mobilize!)
May (Mobility and Coordination for the Front Squat)
April (Using the Stretch Shortening Cycle for the Split Jerk)
March (Optimizing Deadlift Setup)
February (Thoracic Mobility for the Push Press)
January (Scarecrow Test)

December (Fix your bench press)
November (Avoid the butt wink)
October (Using the tripod for stability)
September (Fix your strict press)
August (Retraining the Overhead squat)
July (Mobility techniques for Front Squat)


“After several months dealing with back pain and not being able to lead a regular active life, I was able to go back to my normal sporting activities thanks to 2 1/2 very productive and intense months of physical therapy sessions with Dan Alcorn.”

– Carlos R, Arlington VA


“Last year I was introduced to the Jackson Clinic team through CrossFit Adaptation. I was fortunate enough to have them increase my overall level of health by helping me improve my limited range of motion overhead. Particularly, I was able to set a new personal best in my overhead squat at 245lbs. This was a 45lbs increase and the team was critical in my progression. From the beginning, I was extremely impressed at their immediate feedback through movement analysis as well as their ability to educate athletes for long term growth. Personally, they have opened a world to me from their practice of good medicine, ultimately inspiring me to pursue a profession in Physical Therapy. I haven’t seen a team more dedicated in their pursuit to alleviate pain and improve movement dysfunction. Take full advantage of this team and grow stronger in every aspect of your life.”

– Ben F, Arlington VA


“I herniated a disc in my lower back in June of 2013, initially the injury left me in severe pain unable to do more than lay on my back for more than 10 days. I had serious concerns about recovery, the thought of walking again without shooting pain, and the specter of requiring invasive methods to do so. After consulting with Dr. Alcorn he came up with a plan of physical therapy treatment to reduce pain and regain mobility. After a few weeks of treatment, I started seeing significant improvement and within 3 months I was back in the CrossFit gym participating in regular workouts. Dan took the time to explain the various treatments in detail and pushed me to break through every barrier to recovery. Dr. Alcorn’s knowledge and care, coupled with his CrossFit experience, not only helped me to recover but to improve form and gain a greater understanding of my own movement strengths & weaknesses.

– Justin H, Arlington VA


“After years of lower back pain, almost zero core strength, and trying to fix both problems on my own, I realized I needed help from an outside source. I found Dan, and the Jackson clinics, through my Crossfit gym. Dan is awesome! His expertise and knowledge helped me understand what was happening to my body and why. He taught me how to start changing my years of incorrect posture, and gave me the tools and exercises I needed to regain strength. Working with Dan was fantastic. He is an excellent listener, easy to talk with and to understand, and is a master at fixing what’s wrong with bodies that have broken down. I hated having to end my therapy with him and was trying hard to find something else wrong, so my sessions could continue. I was so happy to have found such a great therapist, and I would absolutely recommend Dan (and have done so already!), to anyone needing PT.”

– Amy G, Arlington VA


“I went to see Dr. Dan Alcorn after suffering an Achilles strain (which later turned into Achilles tendonosis). The pain was intense and altered my abilities to walk properly. The injury occurred during a Crossfit competition loaded with running, double unders, and box jumps.

I saw Dr. Alcorn for 6 weeks. He was beyond knowledgable and not only helped me heal my injury, but he helped me correct/improve some bad habits which I developed throughout my athletic career in regards to stance and balance throughout the foot. I was able to return to Crossfit competitions and feel even more confident with my lifts and performance than before.”

– Sally S, Arlington VA

“I had ACL & Meniscus surgery in March 2013 and was told by my surgeon that I would never squat again. Clearly, he did not understand my CrossFit goals. Dr. Dan Alcorn, along with his associates at The Jackson Clinics, were extremely helpful in creating a physical therapy treatment plan that would help me achieve my goals in a safe and efficient manner. Through hard work, encouragement, and a very knowledgeable staff I was able to perform full depth squats within 3 months and ran a 5K 6 months post surgery. I can not thank Dan nor everyone else at Jackson Clinics enough for their support and encouragement through my rehab process.”

– Brandon B. Arlington VA

“I broke my ankle in a softball game and instantly I began to dread the long recovery. After surgery and seven weeks in a cast – I began to wonder if I could ever return to CrossFit. Once the cast came off my fears were looking more like reality as I could not even stand, let alone take a step on my injured leg. I immediately sought out Physical Therapist Dan Alcorn due to his reputation and background with CrossFit and CrossFit athletes. Dr. Alcorn developed a plan to get me back to lifting, running and jumping as soon as possible. Dan and the rest of the team at The Jackson Clinic pushed me beyond my limits, mentally and physically, and guided me through our plan to rebuild the strength in my foot, ankle, and leg. With Dan’s therapy and advice, I have been fully able to participate in daily WODs during my recovery by understanding my strengths and physical limits with CrossFit movements. Additionally, he has provided me with the tools and knowledge to continue working to regain my full range of motion in my ankle.”

– Josh M. Arlington, VA

Anyone who dreads going to physical therapy has never worked with a team as knowledgeable and passionate as Dan and his team are. When I injured my back after a few bad deadlift sessions and an even worse Open 13.1 workout with the heavy snatches, I had seen two doctors with no progress before I came to Dan’s office. In no time at all, he got me on the road to recovery, and I was back in the box before I knew it. When I was finished with my treatments, not only was I feeling back to 100%, but I had vastly improved my form and made mobility a priority throughout the day. As a CrossFitter himself, Dan knows the ins and outs of what we’re doing and tailors his recovery regimen accordingly. I can’t recommend anyone better than Dan and his team.

– Brian L. Arlington VA

While doing box jumps one morning at my CrossFit gym, I ended up with a broken metatarsal bone in my foot (Jones fracture). When I heard the crack of the bone, I immediately knew that I was going to be out of commission for a while and was pretty devastated. After surgical repair with a compression screw, six weeks in a cast, and another four weeks in a walking boot, my muscles were atrophied, my foot was swollen, and my ankle was stiff and weak. I was frustrated that even though my fracture was healed, I was still nowhere near getting back to the gym. On my first day of physical therapy with Dan, I could barely do four calf raises on that leg and any movement of my ankle was unbearable. Each time I went in, I saw improvements in my strength and mobility, and in just two weeks, I was back at the gym for my first wod. Six weeks later, I actually made the leader board (something that rarely happened even before I broke my foot) for a workout that included broad jumps: one of my biggest weaknesses throughout therapy. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I recently finished physical therapy after a total of ten weeks and have been back to my regular routine for a while now. Not only do I no longer need to scale any movements because of my foot or ankle, but I feel like I have already progressed beyond where I was when the injury occurred. I am really thankful for all of the help and encouragement I received from Dan, particularly when I was frustrated and impatient to get back to my normal activity level.

-Christina K. Arlington


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