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FREE 15 minute SCREEN

THE QUESTION: What’s Wrong With My Body?

Free Screen at The Jackson Clinics, Physical TherapyThe human body is a machine with a brilliant and complex design. Used correctly, it will provide years of efficient, injury free function. Used incorrectly, it may break down.

Unlike a machine made of nuts, bolts or circuits, the human machine has the ability to compensate, substitute and adapt. If your machine has injured parts, you eventually reach a point where you can no longer effectively adapt and your performance suffers.

The FREE physical therapy screen is a way to quickly assess the function of one part of your machine and identify whether it is performing properly. If your therapist notices areas where you are out of balance they will advise ways to bring you into balance, so that you can heal and avoid future injury.

You need to be physically fit, but equally important you need to be functionally fit. This way, you can safely exercise, participate in sports, and enjoy daily activities.

THE ANSWER: GIVE us 15 minutes and we’ll give you a FREE Physical Therapy Screen

This does not require a prescription or a referral from a doctor, and is offered EXCLUSIVELY at ALL our Jackson Clinics locations.

*Not applicable to patients in federal or state funded programs, such as Medicare or Medicaid.
*Injury Screening is a consultation and does not involve a physical therapy evaluation or treatment.

Locations and specialists are subject to change. Please call 540-687-8181 for the most current information.