From orthopedic injuries to sports performance, our Licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy are ready to get you back to 100%. We accept most insurances and physician referrals are not typically required. Click below to find one of our 19 locations near you.


Our physical therapists understand that to best treat the needs of our patients, specialization is necessary.

Making Physical Therapy Accessible To All

Did you know? Most patients can now be seen by our Doctors of Physical Therapy without a referral from their physician. Voted the nation’s Best Physical Therapy practice by the APTA, our doctors specialize in the evaluation and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. We provide relief and prevention for a wide range of conditions, including orthopedic and soft tissue injuries, sports injuries, fractures and dislocations.

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The first step to successful rehabilitation and recovery is a complete evaluation. The physical therapist’s evaluation will include an examination of your muscles, test of your joints, and assessment of your injury or condition. At this time education about your condition and an initial plan of care will be given. Next comes hands on manual therapy.
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At The Jackson Clinics, we are a culture of learning. Striving for excellence in patient care and each other.

General Employment

The Jackson Clinics, LP is a locally owned physical therapy practice in multiple locations throughout Northern Virginia. We specialize in outpatient orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. Our therapists and assistants possess advanced clinical skills in spinal disorders, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and peripheral joint problems, including rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries and foot and ankle pain.

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Orthopedic Residency

The Jackson Clinics Orthopedic Residency Program has been accredited by the ABPTRFE since 2009, the accrediting body for the APTA. The program is one of the first and only orthopedic physical therapy residencies to be accredited in the mid-Atlantic region.

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Sports Residency

As a company focused on clinical education, we offer professional growth opportunities through clinical mentoring and residency education.

We encourage you to reach out and grasp the next opportunity. There are no limits.

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Upper Extremity Athlete Fellowship

The Jackson Clinics Upper Extremity Athlete Fellowship Program is one of only six in the country and is accredited by the APTAas a post-professional fellowship program for physical therapists in Northern Virginia.

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Foot & Ankle Athlete Fellowship

The Jackson Clinics Foot & Ankle Fellowship Program is proud to be the only program of its kind in the country. It is currently undergoing initial accreditation by the APTA as the FIRST post-professional fellowship program for physical therapists in the USA specializing in the treatment of the foot and ankle.

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