Hear what our amazing patients have to say about us.

"I have been extremely pleased with The Jackson Clinics physical therapy Manassas office. Greg Morris is awesome and his attention to detail is unparalleled. After three ankle surgeries and much frustration, he and his team are helping me get on the road to recovery. After many conversations about my pain level, chose to get a second opinion. I have nerve damage from the first surgery! Silver lining, now I know why I have the consistent pain and Greg can help with that too. I have faith in his team. Thanks to The Jackson Clinics, I see light at the end of this long tunnel."

April 2017

"The way this clinic works is the best setup I have attended over the many years at other clinics. Having a Physical Therapist and trainer working as a team makes for much better results than other clinics where I have been treated. The staff is friendly and some of the most qualified I have experienced. Can't say enough nice things about his PT clinic."

March 2017

"This was a very pleasant experience from to moment I called. Everyone is pleasant and helpful. Cassie and Emily both helped with my therapy and quickly got me feeling stronger, moving easier and with less pain. Jon Money does most exercise workouts and he is ruthless in a good way. No slacking! These people are the best -- and if I ever need physical therapy again, I'll return to this Jackson Clinic!"

January 2017

"I would like to commend the professionalism of Dr. Terri Lannigan and her team of Shane and Tiffany at the Tysons Corner VA Jackson Clinic.  I was referred there for an age-related lack of balance by my neurologist. Dr. Lannigan did a very thorough evaluation, explained her findings to me in some detail and prescribed a treatment of balance exercises and muscle stretches.  Working with Dr. Lannigan and her team approximately twice a week over a two-and-a-half-month period I improved markedly and I attribute this to her plan.  My neurologist agreed.  Such professionalism is uncommon and I know your encouragement will continue this kind of treatment and patient care at Jackson. I shall return for periodic evaluations."

April 2016

"My experience was simply great! From a friend of my running coach, I came to know about Jackson Clinics. I had tight IT band/hamstring issues that I sustained for a long time. I probably didn’t pay enough attention to the problem until it began to hurt me badly after each track workout. Kristen saw and immediately caught the problem by touching my IT band. She showed me how my right and left legs/IT bands react differently to similar sort of stresses/exercises. Over the period of about two months, she helped me go through several different types of stretching, foam rolling, core strengthening and balancing exercises to put my legs back into much better shape. Since then I have been running without any issues having already done one 10 miler and a 10 K race."

January 2015

"I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I have been having at Jackson Clinics as a new PT patient. I have been going to PT at other facilities here and there since I was 16 years old for knee problems and back pain resulting from athletics and two back-to-back pregnancies. This is the first clinic I have ever been to where I noticed a difference after only one session. The one-on-one session prior to the exercise session has been crucial to learning about the pain I have been having. I have never had such individualized training. I feel like everyone knows me there after 3.5 weeks of regular sessions. The enthusiasm and helpfulness of your staff makes me want to stay on track and stick to my exercises on a daily basis. The expertise and knowledge of your staff is equally unrivaled. They are thoughtful in their responses to my queries and needs, and diligent about following up feedback I have given in prior sessions."

November 2015

“I recently received physical therapy based on a referral/prescription from my neurosurgeon, for pain resulting from injuries incurred during my military service. I received treatment at your Lorton Clinic from Marta Hahn. I want you to know that I found her to be highly professional and supportive during my treatment. She was superb at treating my symptoms, and at identifying and treating the underlying cause. Her approach was firm yet supportive, and her encouragement had a positive impact on my desire to do assigned exercises on my own. Marta received technical support from Ken Herbel, who demonstrated an exceptionally detailed understanding of therapy required for my case. Amber Runge was pleasant and efficient in scheduling my appointments and processing my payments. My compliments to The Jackson Clinics, and in particular, the Lorton Clinic staff. Please pass along my thanks to them for a job well done.”

November 12, 2013

"I am a 61 year old woman who has severe osteoarthritis throughout most of my body. I had both knees replaced when I was 55, & am facing hand, hip and spinal surgery in the future. I have had constant ITB pain & imbalance issues resulting in repeated falls. I mention this so you’ll get an idea of what I–and your therapists!–were up against. My doctor recommended the Jackson Clinic when he prescribed PT for my problem spine & a torn hip muscle in the hope of helping me and possibly delaying what he believes is inevitable spinal surgery. Susan & Erica worked with me, coming up with alternative exercises when “the usual” options weren’t feasible due to my multiple problem areas. I have had PT on my ITBs before and got nowhere. Susan’s manipulations and instructions restored me to movement, balance and pain relief that I no longer believed were possible for me. I am learning how to strengthen my core & am experiencing greater strength, balance and pain relief in my spine, hips, and ITBs. These two therapists were wonderful to me & my improvement persuaded my husband, a diabetic with lumbar back pain, to get a prescription to come here and have Susan help him with his problem. Please pass on my appreciation to Susan & Erica for what they’ve done for me. Susan especially deserves a big 'Attaboy.' "

July 3, 2013