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Blood Clots: Don’t Bring Them on Your Holiday Trip

The coming holidays and winter breaks mean traveling for many people. But spending more than four hours in a car, bus, train or plane leaves you at moderate risk for blood clots in your legs caused by a lack of circulation. These can sometimes break free and travel to the lungs, causing a potentially fatal […]

How to Create an Ergonomic School Space at Home

Make an Ergonomically Friendly School Space The good news is that kids have the same needs as adults, just in smaller sizes. To make an ergonomic school space for your child, you will want to make sure their: Feet are flat on the floor or resting a footrest Wrists and hands don’t rest on sharp […]


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning platforms have quickly become how many children will learn this Fall. As a result, our kids will experience a sharp jump in their screen time. Screen time refers to how many hours per day your child spends in front of a screen, whether watching TV, playing video games, or […]

Back Pack Safety 101

With summer coming to an end and the need for school supplies and backpacks returning, here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping with your child. Continue below for back pack safety tips to make sure your kids don’t have any unnecessary back pain this year. Size Should Not Extend Above Shoulders Should […]

Physical Therapy for Cervical Headache

Did you know that Cervical Headaches are caused by a dysfunction in the movement and positions of joints in the upper cervical spine? Here’s how Physical Therapy for a Cervical Headache typically works: There are multiple types of headaches.  Often a simple exam and a few questions can rule in or out cervical headaches as […]

A Discussion with the Jackson Clinics’ Ben Keeton During COVID-19

Check out the below article and interview by Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (APTQI) with Ben Keeton, our Director of Clinical Operations, on COVID-19 and the value of telehealth. We need your help to help spread the word on the value of telehealth to congress and your community! “As our nation combats the […]