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We’re Branching into Maryland!

Our Rockville location is opening Feb. 5th inside Onelife Fitness and is now accepting new patients! Call 240-813-1856 or request an appointment today. The Jackson Clinics is a leading provider of physical therapy, spine care and sports medicine in Northern Virginia. We are proud to be part of the Rockville community, and we are committed […]

Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds

The holidays are here once again, with all their edible temptations, and you would like to get into better shape after they have passed. This time you are determined to find an approach that will prevent frustration, keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goal. The first thing you need to determine is […]

Tight Hips and Shrinking Muscles: Sitting in a Heap of Trouble

We are a country of workaholic couch potatoes. No matter how good our intentions, the sad fact is that many of us work 9-to-5 office jobs, sitting in a chair (and often sitting with terrible posture), hunched over a computer for the majority of the day. In addition to those myriad problems related to this […]

New Leesburg Clinic is Having a FREE Workshop on Low Back Pain

To help kick off our new clinic in Leesburg, we are offering a FREE workshop on Low Back Pain to a select list of our subscribers featuring some common problems that occur in the lumbar spine and how to make them feel better. Date: November 20th, 6pm – 7pm Location: 30 Catoctin Circle SE Suite 112, […]

Staying Active and Fit in Cooler Weather

While the summer months bring a flurry of outdoor activity and exercise, the cooler fall and winter months mean that you need to tweak your routine for the best results. Protecting yourself from the elements and keeping your program varied will help you maintain optimal fitness results, without compromising your safety and health. Most people […]

Transitioning to Indoor Activities

While summer offers opportunities to walk, jog, bicycle, garden, play sports and get into shape, cold weather brings the temptation to eat more, move less and hibernate indoors. Shorter days, frosty air and holiday parties can threaten the fitness gains you made during the summer. Instead of fighting the cold and darkness, you can maintain […]