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Meal Delivery Services: Worth It?

We all know how important a balanced and healthy diet is. From helping your tissues heal to promoting gut health, food is essential in recovery and longevity. While most of us agree that cooking our own food and eating at home is the healthiest and most cost-effective option, meal prepping and packing every meal is […]

Herniated Disc – Causes & Cures

Discs are small circular cushions between the bones in the spine (vertebrae). A herniated disc happens when discs in the spine bulge from their proper place. This is most common the in the lower spine/lower back. Herniated Disc Risk Factors Herniated discs can occur when discs lose water content, become flatter, and provide less cushioning. […]

What Is Sciatica?

While many of us have experienced its symptoms (lower back pain that radiates through the hips and down the legs), most of us are left wondering “What IS Sciatica?” and why does it affect so many people every year? Causes Caused by irritation or pressure on one of the nerve roots in the lower back […]

Pre-Workout Nutrition for Optimal Performance

When we workout, our bodies require fuel to support energy production within the muscle tissues. Unsurprisingly, the food we eat directly supports these bioenergetic pathways! Proper pre-workout nutrition can greatly boost your performance while delaying fatigue and soreness. However, there are a few important considerations, including what, when and how much to eat or drink, […]

Getting Children in Shape for Every Sport

Whether your children play soccer or football, being in shape prior to the season can help to prevent injuries while maximizing their game. Although it may seem that some sports are safer than others, the most important thing is to get your children prepared. For instance, youth football is often weight and age-matched, which can […]

Introducing: MightyMeals

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that The Jackson Clinics is officially partnership with MightyMeals to provide high-quality and locally-sourced meals for our patients across Northern Virginia. Our Director of Clinical Operations, Dr. Ben Keeton, recently sat down with the MightyMeals team to discuss what sets TJC apart from any other Physical Therapy clinic […]