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Introducing: MightyMeals

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that The Jackson Clinics is officially partnership with MightyMeals to provide high-quality and locally-sourced meals for our patients across Northern Virginia. Our Director of Clinical Operations, Dr. Ben Keeton, recently sat down with the MightyMeals team to discuss what sets TJC apart from any other Physical Therapy clinic […]

Dynamic Golf Stretches

If you’ve ever played 18 holes of golf, you know that it requires a mix of strength, flexibility, and power. However, aside from twisting from side-to-side a few times, most of us don’t have a comprehensive routine of golf stretches. In fact, the most common golf injury is low back pain followed by shoulder pain […]

Shed The Winter Weight

Are you struggling to find the motivation to get back on your workout program and shed the winter weight? You’re not alone! Many of us find ourselves with unwanted pounds after long winter months filled with holiday parties and yummy foods. But worry not: we have ideas for ALL levels of athletes, from walking to […]

Avoiding Training Injuries

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or just getting started, avoiding training injuries is probably at the top of your priority list. As with most things, the amount of physical activity your body needs depends on your individual fitness goals and your current fitness level. To avoid training injuries, it’s important to start within your abilities […]

10 Tools For Pain Free Gardening

Gardening is a great way to relax the mind but it can be very physically demanding, leaving you achy and sore. But don’t give up a good habit just yet! There are many ergonomic tools for pain free gardening! Here are our top 10 tools to take the pain out of planting: Pruner with Rotating […]

Keys to Healthy Lifting and Carrying

From grocery bags to gardening supplies, having the proper lifting and carrying technique can be the difference between making memories and sustaining an injury. We all know to “bend with your legs, not your back!” but is there more to healthy lifting and carrying of heavy objects? Your “lifting” muscles The old saying is true […]