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Fight Menstrual Problems with Diet and Exercise

There seems to be a great deal of talk nowadays about menstrual dysfunctions experienced by young women. Could the media-driven quest for the perfect body have caused a problem among women in this age group? Concern over their body image leads many young women to limit their food intake obsessively, preventing them from getting the […]

Staying Fit While Pregnant

If you were athletic before your pregnancy, you can continue your “normal” workouts, as long as you use common sense. For women who were not particularly active before becoming pregnant, it is a great time to begin some gentle, easy workouts. Engaging in some form of prenatal exercise has important benefits: less weight gain during […]

Rehabilitation After Multiple Fractures to the Pelvis

Pelvic fractures are complicated by nature. The pelvis is actually made up of three “rings” of bone: one major, large ring and two smaller rings. While a mild fracture of the pelvis can heal on its own, more serious fractures like those sustained in automobile accidents often require surgery and intensive physical therapy rehabilitation. Because […]

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Physical Therapy is an integral part of breast cancer rehabilitation. Those undergoing treatments for breast cancer often face surgery. Physical therapists can work with women to alleviate symptoms caused by surgical intervention or medical treatment for cancer.Our therapists […]

Exercises That Keep Incontinence at Bay

Walk into any fitness center or physical therapy practice, and you probably won’t see anyone doing pelvic floor exercises to help manage urinary incontinence. But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. First, you can’t tell that someone is doing pelvic floor exercises; the exerciser seems to be at rest. Second, and more important, pelvic floor [...]

Get Hip to the Source of Groin Pain

Groin pain can have many causes, including a pulled muscle, hernia or pinched nerve in the back. However, one of the most common causes of groin pain is actually hip pain that is “referred” to the groin. While we usually associate our hip with the outside of the hip bone, the hip joint is actually […]

Active Treatment for Osteoporosis

It wasn’t long ago that the only treatment for osteoporosis was taking medications along with calcium and vitamin D supplements. Current thinking, however, suggests that weight-bearing exercises are a vital component of osteoporosis treatment. What does weight-bearing mean? It simply refers to any activity that requires the bones and muscles to withstand the effects of […]

News Flash: Physical Therapy Relieves Menopausal Symptoms

If you are starting to experience symptoms of menopause, you may wonder whether physical therapy can help in some way. The answer is yes! We can customize treatments to address the areas the most important to your current and future health. Physical therapy can help with these common issues associated with menopause: Bone density, strength […]

Fight the Urge: Treating Incontinence with Physical Therapy

Urinary incontinence, which affects around 25 million people in the United States, is one of the most common health problems facing Americans—and one of the least discussed. Although it can be embarrassing to admit having trouble controlling your bladder, seeking help is imperative. There is no reason to live in uncomfortable silence when noninvasive and […]

Control Your Bladder with Physical Therapy

Overactive bladder and involuntary loss of bladder control affect more than 25 million Americans—men and women alike, young or old. Individuals who experience these conditions often feel ashamed, depressed and socially isolated. A bladder that leaks involuntarily is not a normal process of aging and is sometimes caused by other medical factors. While many treatment […]

Putting Your ACL Back Together Again

The ACL—anterior cruciate ligament— provides stability to the knee by keeping the tibia (shinbone) from sliding in front of the femur (thighbone). About 250,000 ACL reconstructions are performed annually in the United States on individuals who experience the condition. ACL tears are not usually sutured together because the repairs do not fare well over time. […]

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Lupus Patients

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) is a chronic, autoimmune inflammatory disease that can affect almost any organ system in the body. It most often develops in women during their childbearing years. Currently, there is no cure for lupus, but treatment can reduce symptoms. These frequently occur in a cycle of flare-ups and remissions. Because […]

Lifting Weights Following Breast Cancer Surgery

In the past, breast cancer survivors were told not to lift anything even moderately heavy—not a bag of groceries, not a suitcase, not their children. They also were warned against using their arms strenuously— no scrubbing floors or raking leaves. The thinking behind these prohibitions was that exercising the arms could increase the chance of […]