Athletic Services

We are excited to bring ATC On Field Coverage to local recreational athletes!

Just because you are not a professional athlete, doesn’t mean you can’t be treated like one. Our team of Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC’s) provide volunteer coverage for local recreational games and tournaments. Injuries can happen and athletes of all levels deserve to have the right medical treatment on hand. We provide all equipment and staff so you can enjoy your game knowing we are there if and when you need us.

No matter what sport, you can find our staff on the sidelines providing a wide range of services, including:

  • First Aid
  • On Field Injury Evaluation
  • Concussion Assessment
  • Protective Taping
  • Functional Testing for safe return to play
  • Consultation: injury prevention, strength and condition, rehabilitative exercise
  • Physician Referral Recommendations

If you are interested in having your league covered by our Certified Athletic Trainers, please contact us @ 540.687.8181 or email

Locations and specialists are subject to change. Please call 540-687-8181 for the most current information.