Our Top 10 Beach Activities

beach activities

Summer is here and, despite the cicadas and lack of a proper Spring season, it’s time to get out and enjoy the sun. We asked our team to share their favorite beach activities. From building sandcastles to creating fantastic smoothies, our Top 10 list delivers fun and affordable activities for the whole family!

Our Top Fun Beach Games:

  1. Sand Skee Ball: draw circles and numbers in the sand to set up a Skee Ball-like game. Each circle can have its own point value (for example, the bigger circle can be 5 points, while the smaller circles and be 10-15 points). Toss shells to see who scores the most points!
  2. Musical Towels: using the same set up as the traditional Musical Chairs game, play some music and have participants lay down on a towel when the music ends. The player without a towel gets eliminated!
  3. Sand People: move over, sand castles – 2021 is all about building sand people! Using seashells for eyes and sticks for arms, see who can build the best sandy self-portrait.

Our Top Fun Beach Workouts:

  1. How Low: show off your movement skills and get all the way down with ‘How Low Can You Go?’ Kudos if you don’t cheat by digging in the sand!
  2. Circuit Workouts: for some of us, few things are more fun than getting our sweat on. In fact, working out on sand is said to burn up to 2x more calories than on hard surfaces!
  3. Go For A Walk: if a full-blown beach workout doesn’t sound very relaxing, try going on a long walk – your body and mind will thank you! By the way, make sure to check out our article on the benefits of walking barefoot on sand.
  4. Go Swimming: leave the chlorine behind and enjoy a nice swim at the beach! Please always keep in mind that some beaches are not safe for swimming, particularly if you are not an experienced swimmer!

Our Top Wellness Beach Activities:

  1. Meditate: few sounds are more soothing than the rhythm of waves on a sandy beach. Close your eyes, find your ‘home base’ and practice your Equanimity muscle!
  2. Beach Reads: in the age of iPads and nonstop notification, grab a good book and sprawl out on your towel for some R&R. Bonus points if the story takes place near the sea!
  3. Cleaning Up: just as important as having a blast on the beach, cleaning up after ourselves (and our not-so-conscientious
Here’s to making memories and enjoying the beautiful summer weather – it’ll be gone before we know it!

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