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Shoulder Stabilization Surgery for the Young Athlete

Shoulder dislocations are quite common in active young people. While surgery might seem like an extreme solution to a moderate problem, the procedure is actually the best chance for a problem-free shoulder in the future. A dislocation usually results in a trip to the emergency room, where the shoulder is reduced (placed back into its […]

PT for Shoulder Dislocations

If you have dislocated your shoulder, choosing the best mode of treatment to get you moving and free from pain as quickly as possible can be a real challenge. One kind of shoulder dislocation, multidirectional shoulder instability, tends to occur in younger adults and may need surgery, along with physical therapy, to provide relief. Care […]

Surgical Stabilization for Frequent Shoulder Dislocations

A dislocated shoulder is a tricky opponent, and the younger you are, the trickier it can be. When a dislocation occurs (often from falling at on your hand or from high-impact sports), shoulder ligaments are injured in the process. Unfortunately, these ligaments do not heal well, often leaving you at high risk for future dislocations. […]

Shoulder Dislocation: Surgery or Therapy?

There is some disagreement among physicians about when shoulder dislocation should be treated quickly with surgery and when the problem should be managed more conservatively, at least at first. Obviously, every case is different. Generally, young athletes – especially males under 20 years who want to return to a competitive sport that involves overhead movements […]

A Bone Graft to Rebuild Your Shoulder

If your shoulder is prone to recurrent dislocations, a surgery known as a Bankart procedure is often used to stabilize the joint. However, that surgery often fails because the repair is not strong enough or the shoulder socket is damaged. In that case, a shoulder bone graft may be required. In a shoulder bone graft, […]

Shrugging Off a Shoulder Dislocation

It is a classic movie scene: The hero’s shoulder gets knocked out of joint. With a nonchalant grunt, he pushes it back into place and goes about his business saving the world. Well, that might work in the movies, but in real life a dislocated shoulder is a very serious problem that cannot be simply […]