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Cycling: What More Do You Need?

You love bicycling – outdoors when the weather is good, on a stationary bike indoors when it is not. Can you be confident that cycling, by itself, is enough to keep yourself fit for decades to come? It would be great if the single thing we loved to do most was all we needed to […]

Bone Up to Fight Osteoporosis

Primary osteoporosis is the name given to osteoporosis cases not caused by an underlying drug reaction, disease or syndrome. In this condition, the bones—the word itself means “porous bones”—become brittle, making them highly susceptible to fracture. An event as innocuous as landing the wrong way when sitting down on a chair or twisting awkwardly during […]

The Slow Creep of Muscle Weakness

Most of us have heard about the dangers of osteoporosis, an age related condition that results in weakened, easily broken bones. But as we age, we don’t think much about losing muscle strength. Sarcopenia , the medical term for muscle loss, develops gradually. It begins around age 35, but at first the loss is slow— […]

Active Treatment for Osteoporosis

It wasn’t long ago that the only treatment for osteoporosis was taking medications along with calcium and vitamin D supplements. Current thinking, however, suggests that weight-bearing exercises are a vital component of osteoporosis treatment. What does weight-bearing mean? It simply refers to any activity that requires the bones and muscles to withstand the effects of […]

Spinal Fractures Don’t Have to Be Back Breakers

If you have lingering back pain that becomes worse with prolonged sitting, you may have a spinal compression fracture. Though this sounds alarming, it is much more common than people realize, affecting approximately 700,000 Americans every year. The good news: In most cases, it can be treated without surgery. As we age, our bones become […]

Healing Spinal Fractures Without Surgery

The thought of “breaking your back” is pretty scary, but more than 700,000 people a year fracture their spines and do not even realize it. In fact, many of them brush off the symptoms (backaches, loss of flexibility and a tendency to appear “hunched”) as a normal part of aging. While such fractures may not […]

Don’t Strike Out When You Break Your Wrist

You walk out of your house, trip on the sidewalk and attempt to break your fall with an outstretched arm. Immediately afterward, you notice pain, swelling and an inability to move your wrist. You have likely just sustained a broken wrist (or Colles’ fracture), one of the most common types of broken bones. Obviously, this […]

Cracking the Pain of Spinal Compression Fracture

You lifted a bag of groceries from the floor. Now your physician says your back pain is the result of spinal compression fracture. What is that? Can it be treated? Will the pain go away? Spinal compression fracture occurs when bones of the back cannot support the demand placed on them and collapse. Sometimes multiple […]

Fighting Arthritis? Strengthen Your Muscles

Arthritis may be a joint disease, but strengthening the muscles is an important component in its treatment. That is because a leading cause of limited movement in people with arthritis—especially, for instance, knee arthritis—is the weakening of surrounding muscles, rather than pain, dysfunction or abnormalities in the joint itself. This raises an important question: Is […]

Maintaining Bone Health as We Age

The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that osteoporosis is a major health threat for 55% of people 50 years of age or older. Ten million people— 80% of them women—have osteoporosis, and almost 34 million people have low bone mass and are at an increased risk to develop the disease. With one in two women and […]