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Bone Up to Fight Osteoporosis

Primary osteoporosis is the name given to osteoporosis cases not caused by an underlying drug reaction, disease or syndrome. In this condition, the bones—the word itself means “porous bones”—become brittle, making them highly susceptible to fracture. An event as innocuous as landing the wrong way when sitting down on a chair or twisting awkwardly during […]

Maintaining Strength While Undergoing Dialysis

A major advance in treating the kidney failure of end-stage kidney disease is the ability to undergo dialysis—the treatment that removes waste and excess fluid from the blood—at home rather than at a hospital or other outside facility. However, a downside to this development is that a home-dialysis patient is less likely to be seen […]

The Slow Creep of Muscle Weakness

Most of us have heard about the dangers of osteoporosis, an age related condition that results in weakened, easily broken bones. But as we age, we don’t think much about losing muscle strength. Sarcopenia , the medical term for muscle loss, develops gradually. It begins around age 35, but at first the loss is slow— […]

Core Training to Relieve Lower Back Pain

After the common cold, lower back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor. Although lower back pain is easy to recognize, its causes are many, varied and often unclear. Thus, one of the greatest challenges facing physical therapists is to match the suspected cause of the pain with the best […]

Fighting Arthritis? Strengthen Your Muscles

Arthritis may be a joint disease, but strengthening the muscles is an important component in its treatment. That is because a leading cause of limited movement in people with arthritis—especially, for instance, knee arthritis—is the weakening of surrounding muscles, rather than pain, dysfunction or abnormalities in the joint itself. This raises an important question: Is […]

Hip, Hip, Hooray: Reducing Hip Pain

Hip pain can have many causes. One of the most common, especially in the over-50, is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when cartilage and, sometimes, underlying bone degenerate within a joint; on occasion bone grows where it should not be, causing painful spurs. Of the more than 100 forms of arthritis, it is the kind that occurs […]

Must Arthritic Knees Be Replaced?

If your doctor says you have arthritis in your knee, does that mean you will need knee replacement surgery? The short answer is not necessarily. Fortunately, your body can compensate for the loss of function caused by arthritic damage to cartilage and bone in a knee joint, even if x-ray evidence seems to indicate that […]

Can Exercise Prevent Falls?

Falls. They are the fear of many older adults. They can range from harmless stumbles to severe accidents, the effects of which can take years to heal. One of the best methods of avoiding falls might be the proactive use of exercise. Usually thought of for sculpting the body and improving cardiovascular conditioning, exercise can […]