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Climbing Stairs – One Step at a Time

Although going up the stairs may feel challenging, some people experience more pain going down. This is because your muscles have to work hard to control your weight as you descend. If you have suffered from knee problems in the past or continue to have problems, it is probably time to look at increasing strength […]

Keeping Shoulder Pain at Bay

Shoulder impingement syndrome can involve bursitis (inflammation of the shoulder’s bursa), tendinitis (inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons), calcium deposits in the tendons or any combination of the three. People at risk include those who employ repeated overhead movements—tennis players, golfers, swimmers, construction workers and, quite commonly, those who perform do-it-yourself repairs around the home. […]

Dive Back in After Swimmer’s Shoulder

Are you an avid swimmer now sidelined by swimmer’s shoulder? You have plenty of company. Swimmer’s shoulder can develop from overuse, a change in your stroke or an increase in the intensity or duration of your swimming activity. Swimmers tend to have above-average flexibility and range of motion in the shoulder—that’s great for swimming. But […]