Get Hip to the Source of Groin Pain

Groin pain can have many causes, including a pulled muscle, hernia or pinched nerve in the back. However, one of the most common causes of groin pain is actually hip pain that is “referred” to the groin. While we usually associate our hip with the outside of the hip bone, the hip joint is actually located deeper inside our body. Hip pain is often felt in the groin because of the way our nerves are organized.

You may be able to determine the cause of pain yourself by lying down on your back and rolling your leg in and out. If doing so causes pain in your groin, then you are probably dealing with pain referred from the hip. When experiencing such pain, it is recommended that you avoid any activity that makes it worse, lose weight if you are overweight, wear comfortable shoes and avoid running downhill.

If your pain lasts for more than a week or if you think it is caused by an injury, see your physician. He or she will likely have you lie down and will put your hip through a series of motions. If performing these motions replicates the groin pain, then what you are feeling most likely originates in the hip. A physician will also diagnose the exact cause of the pain, which can include a fracture, labral tear, strain, arthritis-bursitis or hip impingement syndrome.

For most of these conditions, we can design a physical therapy regimen to strengthen the muscles around your hip so that they can bettersupport your hip and keep it stable. In addition, strengthening these muscles can relieve pain and prevent future injury. We will also prescribe stretching exercises, especially as adjuncts to the strengthening exercises that will improve your flexibilityand range of motion, and prevent soreness.

Make an appointment with your physician to properly diagnose and treat your condition. As your treatment progresses, see us for an individualized program of physical therapy to help you resume your daily activities with minimal pain.