Custom Orthotics

Your body is a complex mechanical system. To prevent mechanical breakdown with common activities like standing, walking and running, the joints and muscles of your legs and feet need good alignment, strength and endurance. Our therapists are trained to assess your mechanical system using a state-of-the-art biomechanical movement evaluation. Based on this analysis, they will prescribe stretches, exercises, and in some cases, insoles or custom orthotics for your feet. Your orthotics will be molded directly to your foot, and your therapist will prescribe alterations to maximize your pain relief and performance when you wear them.

The Jackson Clinics provides complimentary orthotics check-ups every year to make sure they are still optimally serving your needs. During that 15 minute screen, the therapist will also check in on your exercise routine and progress the intensity to fit your goals.

Locations and specialists are subject to change. Please call 540-687-8181 for the most current information.