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Take a Look Inside The Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy Clinic in Potomac Falls / Sterling


Janet G.

Janet G.

13:40 18 Mar 20
So ladies…come to find out it’s NOT normal to sneeze and pee a wee bit or run up the stairs and have a little leak just because you are middle age or…
06:22 26 Feb 19
I thought my chronic knee pain would never go away but the pyshical therapists at Jackson Clinics were able to help me figure out how to maintain it and to feel better again. They never gave up on me. They also cared and got to know their patients really well.
Raymon Bacchus
Raymon Bacchus
18:15 29 Nov 18
Several months ago I had the good fortune of beginning treatment for my back and shoulder with this clinic. The professionalism, good bedside manner, attention to detail and sound treatment plan has certainly made the environment here worthy of emulation. When ever I come into the clinic Rehana provides a very pleasant greeting and is very good about working through some of the nonsensical issues presented by my insurance company. Alex has been an outstanding therapist and really took the time to understand what my injuries were, how they affected my daily life, develop a plan to put me on a positive path to recovery and implemented it at an optimal pace. Ryan was patient and thoroughly explained each exercise that we were implementing. Elony was an intern in the office and certainly did a super job working in tandem with Alex and Ryan to rebuild me. They invested countless hours working with my insurance company, which was difficult at best, appealing for and finally securing authorization for my treatment. They are a great team that puts patients first and I highly recommend them!
Raymon B.

Raymon B.

10:09 29 Nov 18
Several months ago I had the good fortune of beginning treatment for my back and shoulder with this clinic. The professionalism, good bedside manner,…

DID YOU KNOW that the state of Virginia allows most consumers to be treated by a qualified physical therapist without a referral from a physician? It is called Direct Access. Schedule your appointment today and ask us for details.

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Physical Therapy Clinic Potomac Falls / Sterling Staff

Jared Johnson, Clinic Director

Jared Johnson The Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy
Jared Johnson, PT, DPT, ATC

Education: Jared graduated from Hampton University with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in May 2018. He completed his undergraduate work at Roanoke College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. He is a certified Athletic Trainer. Jared has been a member of the APTA and NATA since 2017.

Specialties: Jared has a strong interest in orthopedic and outpatient neurologic injuries and disorders. With a background in competitive sports and athletic training, Jared hopes to build relationships with local high schools to provide PT services, education and injury prevention screenings. He also plans to gain more experience with treating congenital torticollis and working with patients of all ages.

Fun Facts: Jared grew up playing competitive soccer and running track and field. He earned his black belt in karate at 14 years old. Jared gets outdoors as much as possible and enjoys watching and cheering on all sports from his hometown of Baltimore, MD

Ruby Iglesias, Office Administrator

Ruby Iglesias

Jessica Hakel, Physical Therapist Assistant

Jessica Hakel, PTA

Jacob Trumbull, Certified Athletic Trainer

Jacob Trumbull, ATC