Getting Children in Shape for Every Sport

Whether your children play soccer or football, getting in shape can help to prevent injuries while maximizing their game. Although it may seem that some sports are safer than others, the most important thing is to get your children prepared. Youth football is often weight and age-matched, which can mean lower injury rates. On the other hand, soccer may only be age-matched, increasing the risk of injury. With the proper equipment, coaching, and fitness, however, your children can safely enjoy both sports. Preventing and Treating Injury Good fitness and coaching starts with a physical therapist, who can create a personalized program to support a safe, winning game for any sport.

Physical therapists are often associated with injury treatment, but they can also give advice on the prevention of injuries, especially when it comes to the growing bodies of children. Sports Conditioning for Safety A physical therapist will provide information on how to warm up muscles before playing sports, which helps reduce the chance of soft tissue injury. One study found that simple warm-ups made a big difference in reducing injuries among teens playing soccer. These exercises warm up the body’s muscles and make them more flexible. A physical therapist can also

  • teach your children techniques to help prevent injury
  • help your children get conditioned well in advance of a sports season
  • offer guidance to help your children pick the most suitable sport for them

Whatever sport your children want to play next season, speak to us, experienced physical therapists. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your children are prepared for any sport, while your children can enjoy the fitness benefits that keep them playing their best.

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