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“Jersey Finger”—You Got a Problem with That?

What is “jersey finger”? Well, it has nothing to do with the state of New Jersey. Jersey finger refers to an injury that occurs most frequently in a football or rugby game. One athlete grasps another’s shirt, or jersey, to make a tackle, and the finger gets caught in the shirt. The flexor tendon, which […]

Navigating Recovery After a “Ship” Fracture

A scaphoid fracture refers to a fracture of the wrist—specifically the bone shaped like a boat, which is why it is often called a “ship” fracture. A fracture of this bone can result from falling on an outstretched arm, sustaining a direct blow to the wrist or receiving a severe twist of the wrist. A […]

Physical Therapy for Skier’s Thumb

Thumb injuries are quite common, especially among skiers. During a fall, a skier’s thumb can easily catch against the ski pole, resulting in a tear of the ligament that stabilizes the thumb. This ligament, known as the ulnar collateral ligament normally keeps the thumb from pointing too far away from the hand. When it is […]

Falling on an Outstretched Hand

After a fall on an outstretched hand, you should have an x-ray to check for a bone fracture, which could certainly account for lingering pain. Often, the bone affected is the navicular bone, also known as the scaphoid, located between the base of the thumb and the radius (one of the two long bones of […]

Getting a Grip on Extensor Tendon Repair

Extensor tendons allow you to extend your wrist and open your hand. They run along the forearm to the wrist and then along the back of the hand. Because these tendons have little protection, they are quite vulnerable to injury. You could injure your extensor tendons in several ways: lacerations (for example, if your hand […]

Continuing Pain After Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Even after undergoing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, some patients are still bothered by occasional tingling and numbness in the affected hand . Carpal tunnel syndrome involves the median nerve, which runs down the forearm, through the wrist and into the hand where it provides feeling and power to the palm, thumb and middle fingers. […]

Fight Back Against Rheumatoid Arthritis

More common among women than men, rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease in which your body attacks the joints, starting as painful swelling in the hands and feet. Though it primarily affects people older than 40, it can strike at any age. And while there is no cure, treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has come […]

Put Your Finger on Flexor Tendon Recovery

Flexor tendon surgery involves the tendons in charge of bending the fingers or thumbs into the palm of your hand. These tendons let you grip a pencil and hold a fork and knife. That is why your hand must be allowed to heal properly after flexor tendon surgery. The awkward-looking splint you have to wear […]

Baseball Finger: The Injury You Don’t Catch

You hear the crack of the bat and see the ball coming your way, but when you reach for the catch, the ball jams your outstretched middle finger. You’ve just caught baseball finger, also known as mallet finger. Mallet finger can result from any situation in which the tip of the finger is jammed by […]

Physical Therapy for a Pinched Nerve

Imagine holding a straw in your hand and squeezing the middle as you sip a beverage. You will notice that not much liquid is able to pass through the straw and reach your mouth. Essentially, this is what happens when you have a “pinched” nerve. A pinched nerve ensues when a nerve is compressed, and […]