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Regaining Full Range of Motion After Knee Surgery

In order for you to walk, run, sit or kick comfortably, your knee—the largest joint in the body—must be able to move through an arc of about 130 degrees, from completely straight, or fully extended, to completely bent, or fully flexed. Two muscle groups control this motion: the quadriceps on the front of the thigh […]

Partial Knee Replacement: An Alternative to Total Joint Replacement

As we age, many of us experience increased pain in our knees. Most of this pain is the result of osteoarthritis (OA), which is the wearing away of cartilage that helps our bones glide smoothly. If nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, muscle strengthening, rest and weight loss do not relieve knee pain, joint replacement surgery may be [...]

Sparing Your ACL with Knee Replacement

If you have a total knee replacement in your future, you may have heard about a procedure that retains the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), also known as an ACL-sparing knee replacement. The popularity of this surgery continues to increase, especially among younger patients. But is an ACL-sparing knee replacement worth it? First, you need to […]

Get Hip (and Knee) to Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Does it seem as though everyone is having a total joint replacement? Well, not only are older Americans taking advantage of total knee or hip replacement but younger patients—especially the athletically driven baby-boomer generation—are opting to have the surgery as well. Total joint replacement involves surgically removing parts of an arthritic or damaged joint and […]

Flexing Your New Replacement Knee

Deciding to have your knee replaced can lead to many logical concerns regarding safety, rehabilitation and whether the increase in quality of life makes the procedure worth the trouble. Not everyone will regain full range of motion after total knee replacement. Depending upon the specific nature of your injury and knee replacement, however, a full […]

Regain Your Knee and Gain the Pounds?

It sounds counterintuitive. You have surgery that makes it easier to be active and mobile, and then you begin to gain weight. But that is exactly what recent studies have suggested: Patients who have knee replacement surgeries have a 60% chance of gaining 5% or more of their body weight within five years. The good […]

Straighten Out the Kinks After Knee Replacement

After your knee replacement, you might think your knee will work just fine. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that straightening the knee after surgery is not as simple as they originally thought. Along with loss of strength, reduced extension is one of the most common complaints following knee replacement. Full motion of the knee […]

Must Arthritic Knees Be Replaced?

If your doctor says you have arthritis in your knee, does that mean you will need knee replacement surgery? The short answer is not necessarily. Fortunately, your body can compensate for the loss of function caused by arthritic damage to cartilage and bone in a knee joint, even if x-ray evidence seems to indicate that […]

Knee Replacement Surgery: Before and After

Many patients believe that a physical therapy regimen follows joint replacement surgery, but exercise before surgery can reap many benefits afterward. Think about it: The pain in your knee has probably rendered you less active. Less activity causes the muscles—in this case, those in the thighs and hips that directly and indirectly support your bad […]

Weight-bearing Following Total Knee Replacement

How much weight will you be allowed to place on your leg after total knee replacement surgery? This is a very important question, the answer to which depends on a number of factors. Weight-bearing following the surgery may be partial or full, depending on the surgeon’s approach. A critical part of the question is whether […]