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Returning to Action After Biceps Tenodesis

The biceps tendon runs from the biceps muscle through the rotator cuff and into the shoulder joint, where it then attaches to the socket. If the biceps tendon becomes inflamed or irritated, a condition called bicep tendinopathy, you may need to undergo surgery called biceps tenodesis to relieve the discomfort. Overuse of the tendon from […]

Keeping Shoulder Pain at Bay

Shoulder impingement syndrome can involve bursitis (inflammation of the shoulder’s bursa), tendinitis (inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons), calcium deposits in the tendons or any combination of the three. People at risk include those who employ repeated overhead movements—tennis players, golfers, swimmers, construction workers and, quite commonly, those who perform do-it-yourself repairs around the home. […]

Shoulder Stabilization Surgery for the Young Athlete

Shoulder dislocations are quite common in active young people. While surgery might seem like an extreme solution to a moderate problem, the procedure is actually the best chance for a problem-free shoulder in the future. A dislocation usually results in a trip to the emergency room, where the shoulder is reduced (placed back into its […]

Healing a Shoulder Injury

The shoulder joint has the widest range of movement in the body, but mobility is achieved at the expense of stability. The labrum, a ring of thick, fibrous cartilage running around the edge of the shoulder socket, holds the bones in place, extends the joint to make it more stable and provides cushioning. When it […]

When It Feels Like More Than a “Cold Shoulder”

Because your shoulder provides the greatest range of motion of any joint in your body, it is more susceptible to a wide variety of injuries, including rotator cuff tears and a condition called “frozen shoulder.” Some common reasons for shoulder pain include overuse and repetitive motion, sudden trauma and degeneration due to aging. Symptoms of […]

Helping You Shoulder the Burden

Because so many joints, tendons and muscles come together at the shoulder to create a wide range of motion, the shoulder is vulnerable to multiple conditions that can cause pain. The most common source of pain in the shoulder is the rotator cuff. Depending on your situation, the pain may be treated with decompression surgery, […]

Clipping the Wings of a Winged Scapula

Sometimes your shoulder may hurt when you reach up to a high shelf, or it may feel weak when you dig in the garden. Perhaps your upper back feels uncomfortable when it presses against the back of your chair. These can be symptoms of scapular winging, a condition distinguished by the unusual appearance of the […]

Take the Weight off Your Shoulders

The shoulder is a complicated joint. It moves very freely, unlike a knee or elbow, because it has less bony stability. Instead, the surrounding muscles provide stability. Those muscles must be strong to help prevent injury—but injuries do happen. One of the most common shoulder injuries is impingement syndrome. The supraspinatus muscle, part of the […]

Laying Down a New Surface on Your Shoulder

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that occurs when cartilage that cushions the joint wears down, causing pain and swelling as the ends of two bones rub together. Although you may be more familiar with arthritis in the knee and hip, it can also affect the shoulder. Although most of us know someone who has […]

Put Your Shoulder Separation Back Together

The shoulder, with the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, is also one of the most complicated structures in the body. (The shoulder actually includes four different joints.) Because of the shoulder’s wide range of motion, complications may arise when it can’t move around freely or when the complex system of […]