Beware of Bed Rest for Back Pain

bed rest for back pain

In the old days your doctor told you to go on bed rest for back pain until it felt better.

However, a lot has been discovered since then and gone are the days of recommending bed rest.

Most often, engaging in movements early on can be very beneficial. Working on posture and slowly returning to activities can help control pain and allow you  to return to normal faster.

In fact, research shows that bed rest is not actually an effective treatment for pain.

In reality, it may even delay your recovery. It has also been found that exercise, like walking, assists in nourishing our bodies and our spine.

Specifically, the discs between your spine, have low blood supply and rely on movements to circulate nutrients. When we’re inactive, less of these nutrients are able to get to the spine to keep it healthy.

Exercise in general, increases strength and flexibility of the muscles. This aids in healing by increasing blood flow to the area. In fact we work with patients to put a plan together to ease them back into doing pain-free activities. We use individual health history, abilities, interest and availability to create a unique rehabilitation plan.

In addition, we use a variety of gentle modalities. We utilize ultrasound, electric stimulation, massage, and thermal therapy to help relieve muscular spasms. Once your pain is under control, we use muscular strengthening exercises to build stability.

Unquestionably, going to physical therapy instead of choosing bed rest will help relieve pain faster. This means fewer repeat visits to the doctor with same complaint.

We design our programs to be active in nature, focusing on self care and injury prevention. With all of these tools available you can get back to being pain free and enjoying every day activities.

We advise you to stay active and seek our one of our therapists to determine how quickly you can return to normal life.

Did you know you have Direct Access* to Physical Therapy? No referral, no problem!

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