Exercise Your Way to Better Posture

Posture refers to how your body holds itself – primarily when you are standing but also in sitting or even lying positions. Having a strong, well-balanced body promotes movement efficiency and endurance, contributes to an overall feeling of well being, and projects poise confidence and dignity. Conversely, with a weak, imbalanced body where your bones are not properly aligned, your muscles, joints, and ligaments take more strain than nature intended. By choosing the right forms of exercise, however, you can significantly improve your posture. Bad posture is sometimes easy to detect, especially when it is not your own; yet for many people, the signs and symptoms are less obvious.

Symptoms of poor posture include back pain, muscle fatigue, rounded shoulders, and body aches. In addition, poor posture can affect the position and function of your vital organs, particularly those in the abdominal region. Physical therapists have extensive knowledge of the spine and muscles, allowing them to identify your postural problems and to prescribe exercises to correct them. Techniques to restore your posture include stretching and exercises that focus on strengthening the muscles of the neck, back, abdomen and legs. Stronger muscles in your neck and back will hold your head erect and your shoulder blades close together. By maintaining strength in your abdominal and leg muscles, you can better align your spine and pelvis. It is also important to keep in mind that you are at a much higher risk of injury when these muscles are weak. Even simple daily activities such as sitting at your desk or bending over can result in an injury. To help you achieve the best possible posture, we can show you movement patterns and positions to ensure good posture throughout all your activities. This will place less mechanical stress on the body and reduce problems later on. Good posture is critical to all that you do, so it is important that you perform the right exercises to correct and sustain body alignment. We can provide a customized program to strengthen your back and have your body position in proper alignment.

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