Get Your Golf Game in the Swing

It is a glorious Saturday morning; you have put the stress of work behind you. All week long, you have been looking forward to playing golf. But when one of your foursome suggests walking the course, you suddenly become a little nervous. Yet riding in a golf cart robs you of much of the health benefits of golfing.

Golf can provide a terrific workout. In addition to exercising the muscles used to swing a club, golfers who walk the course frequently cover as much as four miles in 18 holes, a distance that passes quickly as you think about your game and talk with friends. And you gain even more health benefits when you carry your own clubs and burn more calories in the process. If the clubs are too heavy to carry, walk anyway and use a pull cart for your bag.

Technique is very important for more than just your score. Because the golf swing contorts the body, you can injure yourself. Therefore, you must warm up properly . Stretch several times a week to increase your flexibility, making it easier to swing your clubs. Strengthening your core muscles will give you a looseness in your backswing and follow-through, and help you hit longer drives.

Stretching and strength training will give you better body control and power, critical elements for a successful golf game. But they must be performed correctly for you to realize their benefits.

Realistically, your golf swing is a reflection of your physical attributes and limitations. We will be happy to work with you and analyze your needs, developing a program that will increase your flexibility and functional strength, give you better balance and the power to hit drives far down the fairway, and help you prevent injuries. Before your next tee time, call our offices or stop in to set up an appointment and see what we can do for you and your golf game.