Hurt Your Back? Get Out of Bed!

Regardless of your age or condition, a fall can take a toll on your back. Whether it’s a slippery bathtub, a wrinkled rug or an unexpected step, falling catches us when we least expect it. Most of us escape these incidents with a few ugly bruises, but some sustain significant back injuries—or at least injuries that feel significant.

It’s understandable that your first instinct after twisting your back in this manner is to crawl back into bed for a few days of rest. But experts agree that too much bed rest and immobility can actually do far more harm than good. Lying in bed for long periods of time leads to stiff joints and weakened muscles, which can make back pain worse. And gentle, appropriate exercise essentially “feeds” the soft tissues, muscles, joints and ligaments in your back, offering natural pain relief and preventing long-term problems

After a fall, if you are in severe pain, unable to move or experiencing any concerning symptoms, consult your physician. Generally, the sooner you can get back to your usual activities, the better. If it helps to wear an elastic back support brace in the short-term, feel free to do so. Just be careful not to become reliant on it, which can weaken your abdominal muscles—your body’s natural “back brace.”

The following can also help reduce pain and discomfort in those initial days after hurting your back:

  • alternating application of ice and heat
  • undergoing specific stretching motions
  • avoiding sitting for long periods of time

Listen to your body. If moving a certain way causes you pain, stop. You may need to take it easy for a bit, focusing on the right movements and activities that can benefit you without causing more pain. That’s where we come in.

Call our office for an appointment. We can design a program using a combination of core-strengthening exercises, lumbar stabilization and low-impact aerobics that can speed up your recovery and keep you moving in a healthy, beneficial way. So although you may want to stay in your bed, let us help you get up and around again. Your back will thank you for it.