Medial Sprain: A Pain in the Ankle

Ankle sprains are one of the most common orthopedic injuries. In fact, more than 20,000 ankle sprains occur each day in the United States. Medial ankle sprains occur when the ligament located on the inner, or medial, side of the ankle is severely stretched or torn. Such injuries account for a small portion of sprains, maybe 5%, and affect men about three times more frequently than women. Why do men experience more medial ankle sprains than women? The simplest answer is that the majority of medial ankle injuries occur as a result of physical sports such as football, basketball and soccer that involve a lot of jarring landings.

The medial ankle sprain diers from other ankle sprains because it happens when the heel is facing outside, away from the other foot, unlike most ankle sprains. This strains or tears the deltoid ligament, located on the inside (or medial side) of the ankle. The injury usually happens when a player falls or lands incorrectly from a jump. If the sprain occurs in conjunction with an ankle fracture, it does not need to be surgically repaired. If the sprain is severe and there is no fracture, you will be advised to

  • avoid putting weight on the ankle for some time
  • wear a boot or a cast
  •   keep the weight off the injured ligament

Such protective measures should allow the ankle to heal on its own. You may have to wear the boot for ve or six weeks, and you will only be allowed to put weight on the ankle as symptoms allow, but again, surgery probably would not be required. A well-designed rehabilitation program gradually strengthens the joint while addressing your medical requirements. Working with us, you will be back on your feet and participating in sports activities sooner rather than later.

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