Recovering Movement Post Spinal Surgery

Physical Therapy and exercise are an essential part of recovery from a lumbar spine fusion. Our doctors of physical therapy can prescribe a staged exercise program that will go a long way in helping you recover from the fusion and have the best prospects for pain relief over the long term.

Patients who have had or are considering spinal fusion are understandably concerned about making sure the fusion heals as intended. For this reason, many patients are afraid to be active and some do not want to move at all, fearing that they will risk having the fusion not set up properly.

Actually, movement is essential to foster healing. There are precautions to keep in mind but staying active with short, frequent, gentle exercise is strongly recommended and delivers many benefits.

  • Movement activates supporting muscles. Following surgery or an episode of injury, smaller muscles in the area may become inhibited (turned off). These muscles essential in maintaining stability of the spine. Encouraging the muscles to function properly will also reduce stress through the surgical site by active stabilization.
  • Gentle stretching promotes flexibility. During periods of inactivity, range of motion can be lost, and stiffness soon settles in. Very gentle stretching of the back as well as the hip muscles attached to the spine and pelvis, will make all movement easier.
  • Activity encourages healing blood flow. Movement and activity promote healthy blood circulation, and blood brings the oxygen required to the healing site. Lack of oxygen will delay or sometimes prevent healing of tissues and healthy bone growth, which are critical to a successful fusion outcome.

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