Hit the Links in Better Shape

Whether scratch golfers or weekend duffers, most players want to improve their game and lower their score. But maximizing your golf game means more than just practicing regularly. By increasing your fitness, you can play with confidence and success.

Your golf game depends on balance and stabilization, endurance, strength and power, and flexibility and coordination. To ensure that you are in the best possible physical and mental shape to sharpen your game, we can develop a personalized exercise regimen that focuses on improving each of these factors. A personalized exercise program can help in the following areas:

  • Smooth your swing, increase your club head speed and extend your driving distance by conditioning and strengthening your muscles.
  • Enhance your range of motion through flexibility exercises.
  • Improve your agility and balance by toning your body.

Maintaining fitness also helps to prevent golfing injuries. Lower back injuries are more prevalent in men. That means their injury-prevention program should focus on strengthening the trunk and core muscles. Women are more susceptible to elbow injuries. That means their injury-prevention program should focus on improving flexibility and encouraging a stronger elbow and improved swing.

In golf, as in all other sports, practice alone does not make perfect. To improve your game, your approach should include a fitness program that helps you achieve the body you need to withstand the rigors of practice and reap the benefits of your efforts.

Discuss with us your goals for improving your golf game and increasing the enjoyment of your time on the course. Together, we can find a realistic fitness program to make your game more comfortable and maybe shave some strokes of your score.

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