Stay Fit During Holiday Travels

stay fit during holiday travel

Stay Fit During Holiday Travels

While many people worry about staying fit and healthy during the holidays, doing so can be particularly challenging if you are traveling.

On the road, most of us eat our meals in restaurants or at hotel buffets. That, combined with a break from your usual fitness routine and a tendency to sit back and relax while vacationing, can make it even harder to maintain your activity and diet.

Rest assured: you will quickly return to your current  fitness level if you do not stop exercising altogether.

Before you start your trip, we can review your current activity level and goals and provide customized, realistic suggestions to follow while traveling.

Studies have shown that you can prevent declines in cardiovascular fitness for up to three weeks simply by performing high-quality, high-intensity 30-minute training sessions as few as just two days per week. If you must skip the gym, take a hike or swim laps in the hotel pool

One of the best things you can do to maintain your activity level is to walk.

Wrapping up to keep warm and walking instead of taking a taxi or bus is a good way to boost your activity level. Sneak in exercise by taking the stairs or parking far away.

The key is to be more active instead of being sedentary. For instance, wearing a pedometer will enable you to track the number of steps you take during a day.

Likewise, running can be an exhilarating way to explore a city while still obtaining fitness benefits. Just ensure that you remain in public areas and do not run alone.

Tips for eating out.

At restaurants, you can enjoy local cuisine without packing on excess calories or sacrificing your health. Portion control—eating only half of your meal or splitting a main course with your partner or friend—can help. Aim for vegetable-based dishes, and ask for sauces to be served on the side. Instead of high-calorie, high-fat seasonal desserts, like trifles, cakes, and cookies, choose fruit.

Fortunately, you can enjoy your holiday without sacrificing fitness and nutrition.

We can help you maintain your fitness while traveling. We can also teach you some new, easy exercises to try in your hotel room or even in the home if you are staying with family and will not have gym access.

This way you can enjoy holiday travel and festivities without the guilt.

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