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Using Physical Therapy for a Safer Run

Running may seem like a simple activity, one that results in many health benefits, but it can bring with it the risk of related injuries. This is especially true during the warm summer months, when outdoor running is more pleasurable. Fortunately, proper training can help to reduce this risk. Most running injuries occur from overtraining, […]

Born to Run Farther

As the days get longer, you may consider adding distance to your runs. What kind of plan should you follow to run farther and increase your endurance but to do so safely and prevent injury? The first rule to remember is that if you find it too difficult to complete a new distance level, do […]

How to Prevent and Treat a Stress Fracture

Although it’s usually so small that it can’t be detected with conventional x-rays, a stress fracture is a very real crack in a bone. Most stress fractures occur in the tibia or fibula (lower-leg bones), the metatarsal or navicular bones of the foot, or the heel. The fracture develops over a period of days or […]

How to Prevent Shin Splints

Shin splints” is the common term for medial tibial stress syndrome, the inflammation of the thin tissue (periosteum) that covers the shinbone (tibia). You feel the pain of shin splints in the lower leg muscles and connective tissues that attach to the tibia through the periosteum. On occasion there may be mild swelling or redness […]

Selecting the Proper Running Shoe

You might think that buying a pair of running shoes is more an issue of fashion than a serious decision that takes any technical consideration. Nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, selecting the proper running shoe is pivotal to protecting your joints from injury. Shoe technology now incorporates different types of construction […]

The Orthopedic Word on Running Shoes

Athletic stores are filled with shelf after shelf of shoes designed for running—enough to make your head spin. But how do you know which shoe will be best for you? Do you take the salesman’s recommendation, or do you consult a professional? How do you know whether one brand of running shoes is really better [...]

Slow and Steady Still Wins the Race

As the days get longer and warmer, we’re more apt to engage in outdoor activities like walking and running. Spring also begins the season for charity 5k races and half marathons―great inspirations for starting a new exercise program. Unfortunately, spring can also be the season for injuries caused by overuse or improper training when you […]

Curing Your Hamstring Injury

Many people who have played sports that require running—like soccer, football, field hockey and basketball—may have felt a twinge in the back of the leg, followed by pain of varying degrees and a tightening of the muscle. These symptoms are indicative of a hamstring injury. Rest assured, a full recovery from these types of injuries […]

When IT Causes Knee Pain

IT band syndrome is a nickname for iliotibial band syndrome, a condition affecting the thick, fibrous band of tissue that runs from the pelvis to the top of the shin and keeps the knee stable and functioning when you walk or run. When the IT band becomes irritated or inflamed, patients feel knee pain that […]

Get the Best Running Shoes for the Money

Given the wide range of running shoes on the market, you may wonder whether you need to buy the most current or expensive pair of shoes. A shoe is only as good as the protection it offers the runner. Because the plantar fascia, a thick connective tissue running along the sole of the foot, carries […]