Using Physical Therapy for a Safer Run

Running may seem like a simple activity, one that results in many health benefits, but it can bring with it the risk of related injuries. This is especially true during the warm summer months, when outdoor running is more pleasurable. Fortunately, proper training can help to reduce this risk.

Most running injuries occur from overtraining, overuse, or poor posture and form during running. Common injuries include stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and Achilles tendonitis. Even more frustrating for runners is that when injury does occur, rest is advised— the last thing a runner wants to hear.

Some of these situations can be prevented by engaging in an exercise program that reduces the risk of injury. However, the right training depends on a number of factors, such as a person’s

  • fitness level
  • overall health
  • body type
  • running environment
  • previous injuries
  • fitness goals

For many runners, improving their distance run each week is important. To prevent injury, many professionals use the 10% rule, which means increasing the intensity or distance of a run by a maximum of 10% each week.

To ensure that you meet your fitness goals while staying safe and healthy, call us about a strength-training exercise program. Regular exercise will proactively protect your legs from injury and enable you to get the most benefits from your run.

The Jackson Clinics provides comprehensive 60 minute running evaluations with a video gait analysis at several of our locations. Schedule your running exdam today and experience the benefits of improved performance and efficiency, and learn injury prevention.

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